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sāf inˈsīd

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Actress Hazyville,

Too good to talk about,  let alone write about. I doubt I would know where to start let alone finish. Just get it here and perhaps give it a preview THERE


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Rick Owens Furniture

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Every time I set my mind to try and figure out what makes Rick Owens what he is I find myself in this dark hole. Is it because Rick himself accentuates the colour black, or is it because he has brought this whole new aura to the design spectrum? His furniture is somewhat kind of art that, not only would I mind placing it in my house but also cannot. That did not make sense. What I am trying to say is that, with Rick Owens products, consistency is essential. I think for someone to have any of the stools or chairs or any of his furniture. Your house has to be very minimal, greyscale in colour with some blocks of colour, not too much! Because you do not want to distract any attention from these amazing pieces of work!

With this new found passion for furniture design, we can see that the word design in its own right means you can do anything that involves a pen and paper if that is to your taste, I prefer graphite and a rubber. What do you prefer?