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Rick Owens Furniture

September 25, 2009 § Leave a comment

Every time I set my mind to try and figure out what makes Rick Owens what he is I find myself in this dark hole. Is it because Rick himself accentuates the colour black, or is it because he has brought this whole new aura to the design spectrum? His furniture is somewhat kind of art that, not only would I mind placing it in my house but also cannot. That did not make sense. What I am trying to say is that, with Rick Owens products, consistency is essential. I think for someone to have any of the stools or chairs or any of his furniture. Your house has to be very minimal, greyscale in colour with some blocks of colour, not too much! Because you do not want to distract any attention from these amazing pieces of work!

With this new found passion for furniture design, we can see that the word design in its own right means you can do anything that involves a pen and paper if that is to your taste, I prefer graphite and a rubber. What do you prefer?


Hi-Res “1080 Beats”

June 24, 2009 § Leave a comment

I have been lacking in the music blogs lately! I just thought I would dash a new beat tape to listen to! This is Hi-Res, one beatmaker I am feeling right now. Please take a moment to listen to a sample below and if you like just click download below! Word has it Hi-Res will be collaborating with DaveNotti on a project called “The New Chill”, a name that will make you feel cool this summer.

Hi-Res – Funkshuns

Download “1080 Beats”

Brainfeeder London 20/June/2009

June 22, 2009 § 1 Comment

We got there mega early but who was to say anything to that? No one because we wanted good seats!
Who was this guy? He was really good and I was feeling every single track he dropped! Apparently it was Bibio (words from my boy Brey)

DJ Take, Wow, I have been jamming to his beats for a while now, It was a surprise to see him at brainfeeder! All I can say is WOW, who will lend me some cash to go to Barca to see this guy again?

Sam was shocking! Hit after Hit after Hit and the energy he gave out was just powerful!

Kode 9 came out with some old looking stereo and I thought WTF*. It only turned out to be a masterpiece! I was in shock after what he pulled out of the bag! ART!

GLK killed it, on my twitter I wrote “GLK holds the soundtrack to my life” realtalk, it was serious!

Energy and Passion! RAW!

Flying Lotus getting the crowd hype!

I loved this crowd!

Flying lotus gave us a show and a half! Not only was he an entertainer, he was a performer!

Dorian Concept, That has gotta be a name right there! True talent! Messy beats that make sense!

Liam was just on it!

Live collaboration? WOW. Did you guys Rehearse? NO, fresh and live, I wish I recorded it!


Benji B Closed up with some soulfull beats.

The night was amazing even though it was an actual mission to get to the venue. I would like to thank the kind lady who gave me her day travel card for free, it was much appreciated! I got a chance to visit Carnaby street and Liberties to check out some garments, might I say, checkout the SALE. It is big!

On the day we also got lost thanks to the Blackberry! These are the days I wish I owned an iPhone. We bumped into some people going to Brainfeeder aswel and they were absolutely lost as they were going in the wrong direction as to what we had been told by the cab driver! These guys were to sure they were going the right way but we said, “Cabbie knows best”. Got to the venue after following 1 guy (stalking).

Got to the venue and jumped into the lavatory! Best move I say, right before the stanking smell! (more in the pics)

At the end we got walking, this was at about 5a.m/ 6a.m maybe. Liam did not want to catch the tube because he thought, “why not kill time and walk it”. EFF me, was it a walk, The Blackberry lied again! You know what, thinking about the walk makes me tired, lets say, East London to North London by foot!

Paid a visit to the Hospital after serious screaming and bass!


P.S. The music looked like this…

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